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The Denial of Suffering


Abridged Version (19 % of the integral text)

Source: This is the abridged Version of the book from OM C. Parkin ‘The Birth of the Lion’ and can be ordered from: advaitaMedia GmbH
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You say we cling to suffering like to a dead fish. Why do we do so?

You probably have your reasons for it. Suffering is not what you thought it was before now. Isn’t it true that you become aware of suffering only when you feel bad? For years, you have been feeling good. You have had wonderful friends. You have been making good progress in your job. You have been getting along very well with your family. You have been earning a lot of money. Through positive thinking, you have found an apartment without any problem. Everything has been running like clockwork. Do you understand? You have had no real reason to suffer.

One day, maybe years later, you notice a certain void. You think, “Wait a minute, my affirmations don’t work any more. Should I double them, perhaps?” And some day you reach the point of intuiting that there is something fishy going on. For most people, however, it doesn’t just take years but hundreds of years for the simple recognition that they are suffering. They haven’t realized this before because suffering is quite a baffling mechanism directed by someone whose name I don’t even want to mention here: the ruler of the world who sells hell for paradise. Suffering is a very baffling mechanism that can only function because suffering also appears in the disguise of well-being. If suffering stood in front of you nakedly, suffering would have no possibility of continuing. Suffering continues only by appearing in all of its disguises, because you take these disguises as genuine and continue to buy into the promises that these disguises seem to carry. Sometimes the disguise is a friend, sometimes it is a job, sometimes this and sometimes that. Something always makes you hope again. Can you see that suffering and hope are inseparable?

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