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The pact

An Autobiography – Part 1

At the end of the eighties, I was working closely with a group of spiritual seekers in Austria. Once or twice a year we met for nocturnal rituals in which we accompanied each other on inner journeys. One night I had started a journey with an apparently harmless request: I wanted to learn more about the origin of my basic fear of other people and the whole world. …

I saw my soul on its journey of incarnation into the world. When I was passing through the gateway, a guard stopped me before I could leave the vault. It was an angel of perfect beauty, his blue eyes like ice. His name was Lucifer. He preferred to be called “His Majesty,” though mankind called him “the fallen angel.” He introduced himself as a messenger of God in charge of establishing the conditions for entry into this Earth, and his job was to ensure that those conditions were kept. He then went into a discourse about the rapturous conditions of life on earth.

The moment we sealed our deal for my entry into Earth, something strange happened. An enormous power split in two and I forgot. I forgot the angel. I forgot the deal. I forgot who I am. It dawned on me that this deal was a pact. I called it the “temptation,” and it started to work mercilessly from the very moment the pact was sealed. Again and again, this temptation re-manifested in a thousand disguises, in unending variety, immeasurable and greedy.

How had this happened? I had forgotten. And yet, I recognized the pact was something like an entry ticket. There was no soul in the whole world who had not entered into this pact with the devil, for without this entry ticket, no one had ever seen the theatre from the inside. Within the theatre, the power of the guard is omnipresent, yet everyone believes they have snuck past him, and he laughs up his sleeve, because as long as they believe this, he has them firmly under his control.

Once again, I consciously returned to the moment of the pact, and then I suddenly knew that I had come voluntarily after all. No soul is ever taken prisoner by Lucifer.

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