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September 11th, 2001: The Minute, When the World Collapsed

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An Inner View of Terror by OM C. Parkin, 2001

From: advaitaJournal Vol. 5, 2001, p.4 (German magazine)

In a moment of escalating hate and ensuing violence, we spontaneously dedicate this page of stillness to a contemplation which we owe to OM C. Parkin. He puts his finger into the wound of a world deluded by the mind and at the same time points out a possibility of healing: War and peace are your own inner concern. Nobody else is responsible. Feel your suffering and open in stillness to your deepest, truest wish.

"America became a target, because we are the most shining torch of Freedom and Self-realization in the world. ... This is a monumental fight of Good against Evil", George W. Bush said in a speech delivered to the American people the day after the devastating terrorist attack on the economic and military heart of the United States. This simple minded and self-righteous attitude is startling and does not only reflect the arrogance in the American collective, but after all is the world view of every "democrat" and civilized do-gooder despising the "barbarians".

Ever since humanity has been able to think, this dualistic mind has been fighting against Evil in the outer world, has been pursuing it in the outer world, has been trying to kill it or at least punish it in the outer world in the belief that it can restore the balance of justice this way.

The American "world policeman" does his best to win the fight against Evil. But has the fight really been won, when the criminals have been arrested?

Up to most recent times the history of mankind has been showing examples of this fight that has always been the same: The Inquisition burned witches in the name of God. The Americans slaughtered the Indians for their idea of freedom and justice. The Nazis gassed and murdered thousands of Jews and hatched a world war. This did not happen just because of some cruelty in their nature ( nobody is cruel by nature ) but ultimately out of a romantic idea of a peaceful home country with healthy Arian people.

Every mind has a self-righteous idea of the Good, the Noble and the Beautiful, has an idea, what paradise on earth should look like, how God should work on earth. No idea, no image is better than any other. Evil hides in the idea itself. Tragically, right in the moment humanity creates for itself an image of God the "Good", it unconsciously also creates an image of Evil as its own shadow. Duality is born. A cruel game starts: The hopeless fight against one's own shadow. How can a person, can a collective ever win the fight against his own shadow, as long as it is sought in the outer world, in the "other"? The society of the United States is by far the most violent society in the civilized Western world.

The possession of weapons is not only allowed but is even seen as desirable, as it is considered to be a basic right of freedom and even guaranteed in the law. In the "fourth generation after Wild West", the weapon is still viewed as an instrument of freedom. Thus the idea of freedom is directly linked to the idea of violence.

The only possibility of healing this violence, which always is a violence against one's own Self, seems to be by introspection. For the whole world drama, the fight of assumed "Good" against assumed "Evil", takes place in the inner world. This introspection requires the courage to feel the pain, the pain about my violence, my terror. Yes, it is all mine. It hurts and it heals to feel this. The real violence on earth is not to be found in the outer wars but in the inner ideas that are behind all actions.

For America, the world is still far from collapsing. It will collapse only in the moment America starts feeling that it can never win the fight against its own violence in the outer world. Until this moment, America will have to continue its self-humiliation.

Condolences to the victims, their relatives and all of humanity.

"By taking themselves for wise people, they have become fools and have exchanged the splendour of the eternal God for an image."
Letter of Saint Paul to the Romans 1.23

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