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Suchness without Meaning


Abridged Version (36 % of the integral text)

Source: This is the abridged Version of the book from OM C. Parkin ‘The Birth of the Lion’ and can be ordered from: advaitaMedia GmbH
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Most people need some preparation for the question “Who Am I?” by dealing with what they are not. This preparation is therapy. Therapy and esoteric teachings deal with what you are not. Most people think that when they are in therapy, they are dealing with themselves, but this is indeed a gross misunderstanding. Therapy is not dealing with yourself. Therapy deals exclusively with what you are not. And this is beneficial at a certain stage. It relaxes the not-Self.

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I do things like therapy or have a horoscope made to find out what is hidden behind my grief.

Normally, when you have some negative emotional experience such as pain, grief, or rage, the mind slips some story over it, some drama, and gives it a meaning that it does not have in truth. Nothing, in reality, has the meaning that the mind gives it. In reality, no meaning exists.

Esoteric teaching goes as far as meaning goes. It gives meaning to the things that the mind, still numb and ignorant, was not ready to give. As a transitory stage, it can be important to recognize the hidden meaning behind things, but ultimately, it is necessary to go deeper than meaning, to go into this moment. Meaning is never in this moment. Meaning always involves a story, a spiritual story, a psychological story, or whatever concepts are brought up from the past to explain something. The result is nothing but a system of thought that is never able to recognize That which is deeper than thought, That which you are.

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