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Who am I ?


Abridged Version (21 % of the integral text)

Source: This is the abridged Version of the book from OM C. Parkin ‘The Birth of the Lion’ and can be ordered from: advaitaMedia GmbH
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Self-inquiry is one question exclusively, and that is the question, Who? It is not the question, What? It is not the question, Why? It is not the question, How? Self-inquiry is only one essential question and that question is, Who?

* * *

Self-inquiry, as Ramana taught it, and what I call the Great Self-inquiry* has nothing to do with the self-inquiry portrayed by psychologists and esoteric teachers. That is what I call small self-inquiry,* an inquiry into the contents of the mind. The Self-inquiry I speak of is an inquiry that without a single thought directly sees the origin of all thought.

* * *

Every problem appearing in your life is ultimately insignificant. What is essential is the root of all problems, and this is actually the only problem. It is contained in a harmless letter, and this letter is I. Almost every thought that appears in your consciousness starts with this letter.

Investigate the reality of this I-thought. Following the I-thought back to its origin is what Ramana called Self-inquiry and what Poonjaji called the quickest way to enlightenment.

There are so many therapies and spiritual teachings, and it is surprising, isn’t it, how insignificant the results actually are, how few people actually live in the continuous experience of bliss? It seems to me that any teaching is preoccupied with the insignificant, with changing, improving, or manipulating the contents of the mind instead of getting to the core of the suffering, which is this letter I. When you reach I, you are very close. Everything else is insignificant.

One of the few spiritual qualities of the mind is the ability to refuse the insignificant and get directly and absolutely to the essential. This radical totality refuses any spiritual concept that has ever been taught. Everything has its place. But if you are ready for Satsang, this complete realization is possible now, only now. Millions of thoughts are reduced to one thought, and this one thought is reduced to one letter, which is I. It is possible in a split second to leave behind all the millions of thoughts and to direct total attention toward I and the question, Who am I?

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