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Who Am I?

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Yes! Who are you?

Are you ready for a moment to have the experience of simply being? Without any effort, without clinging, without letting go, without anything? Just to be what you are without knowing what it is? In complete awareness of yourself?

The right moment for which you could wait for, doesn't exist, for the right moment is now. The mind rejects this moment. It rejects all possible kinds of things. It rejects pain, anger, fear and whatever else it doesn't want. What if you met all of this, now? If you would simply let go of the tension that is required to avoid something? Then you would realize: Pain comes, pain goes. You are always there! Feelings come, feelings go. They pass. But you remain.

Are you a thought? You cannot be a thought because thoughts are not always there! What is always there? Turn your attention to what is always there.

You are One with the pain, but you don't touch the pain. Just like the sky is one with the clouds but the clouds don't touch the sky! You don't understand this because the mind is not able to understand it. Emotions pass by, thoughts pass by, sensations - just like clouds pass by, like the weather passes by. The moment you are interested in the weather, you are caught in suffering! Sadness appears, suddenly the mind comes and says: Oh my God....I won't....I can't....this shouldn't be.... Or it tells you some other story: The archives of the mind are inexhaustible.

As long as you are interested in the weather, you are interested in suffering. Whatever the story may be: Don't touch the weather! Phenomena come and go, and in the next moment, the weather has changed already. When you let it pass by, when you don't grasp at it, when you don't get involved, then it is no longer you who tells the stories but it is Life that tells stories: No longer about you, no longer personal, but impersonal, told by Life itself. And then it is really beautiful to listen to stories, to read stories, to pursue stories.

Be interested in the sky! The sky is what you are. The sky is here now. The clouds are in the sky. Just relax, just allow it. And be still. In the stillness of yourself, in the state of relaxed vigilance you realize who you are. Are you ready? Are you ready to let go of the body? Are you ready to let go of the mind?

Then the moment has come to die! What do you still want to search for or find in the future when you can be ready now to die and to let everything die? Let the storm become quiet. Let the body become quiet...

The opening is here, Consciousness is here, it just waits for you to accept the gift. You are here, and you get involved in this present moment. And then everything loses the significance it had. Time loses its reality, thought loses its substance. The "I"-thought disappears. And you realize: The world is empty, the body is empty, and everything falls into this emptiness. This emptiness is the unburdening of millions of years of development, of becoming, of history. You are without history, you are without past, you are without future, you are without thought. You sink deeper and deeper in total surrender. And in this emptiness, out of this emptiness love opens in stillness, the love of Consciousness itself.

You are that out of which the phenomena arise! The phenomena arise within you. You are that which doesn't change. You are that which remains. You are that which is aware of it. You are that which penetrates the phenomena. Consciousness penetrates all phenomena. There is nothing that is not penetrated by Consciousness. And Consciousness is now and it is complete.

I am the same as you! Nothing keeps you from seeing that! You realize your Self, and you are with the Self. You long for this meeting with the Self. The realization of man is humanness - a humanness that is aware of the eternity of being.

You are what you are. That's all. And it's beyond everything.

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