advaita Congress 2021 "Falling deeper"

„Who am I really?“ – This all-important question leads the seeker to a journey to discover his or her deepest innermost Self. On this journey, the advaitaCongress is an invaluably enriching experience. Diving into a field of consciousness by presentations, darshans, workshops, music and meditation opens the door to falling into your Self.

Advaita is the teaching of Non-Duality. Compared to Eastern traditions, it has a different taste in the West. It is also an objective of this Congress to explore this. The exchange with truthful, spiritual masters and teachers, with people who seek truth promises a process of diving into a deep space full of clarity and joy.

Masters and teachers at the advaitaCongress 2021: OM C. Parkin, Igor Kufayev, Sumiran, Unmani, Neelam (requested)


OM C. Parkin talks about the vision of the advaitaCongress 2021:

"The highest inner teachings of humanity all point to the One Truth of non-duality (Sanskrit: advaita). Those who have realised the advaita teaching have reached the end. The end of the search, the end of the teaching, the end of the path, the end of knowledge, the end of suffering, the end of the world. This end is also a beginning.

If a spiritual teaching is both the beginning and the end, it can only be a paradoxical teaching, a teaching that cannot be grasped by the mind: We can only BE what we are. – And so to speak fall deeper into ourselves.

At this congress, international masters and teachers come together to transmit the One Taste of this great liberation teaching. It is the realisation of this One Taste, this One Truth, that liberates people and reveals to them the natural state of BEING-Consciousness-Bliss (sat-chit-ananda)."

This is a serious invitation to encounter your Self, in which every possible separation has been suspended, now, in this moment, in the infinitiy of Being.

We invite you to take part in it!

Detailed information and tickets for advaitaCongress 2021

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