Meeting with Teachers | Conversation with OM C. Parkin and Robin Bloor

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The Teachings of the Fourth Way
OM C. Parkin
Robin Bloor

August 25th, 7 pm CET

In our third broadcast of Meeting with Teachers - Navigating the Wisdom Path, OM C. Parkin, among others the founder of the Enneallionce - School of the Fourth Way, and Robin Bloor, a Gurdjieff expert and contemporary witness, author, and leader of the Gurdjieff Society in Austin, Texas, will discuss core themes of the Fourth Way.

In June, Bloor captured the hearts of the participants at the foundation’s on-site event “In Search of the Miraculous” at Gut Saunstorf Monastery with his deep knowledge, profound humanity, and British humour. A new German edition of P.D. Ouspensky's book with the same title was released by our publisher advaitaMedia in April this year.

We are very excited to see the continuation of this dialogue on August 25th, when the differences between how the Fourth Way is taught by OM and how it was taught by Gurdjieff will also be discussed.


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