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OM in Darshan

We are happy to welcome you to Online Darshan with OM which is dedicated to English speaking people. 

Meeting an impersonal teacher like OM is an intense experience! It happens in the unknown and takes us into the depths of our SELF. Through the precise exploration of your ego, you fall through the layers of your mind into stillness.

Everyone is invited to share or ask questions. OM's clear words and compassionate presence encourage you to receive non-knowingly and with your heart what is communicated to you. Any request is welcome. Of course, you can also participate as a silent witness without actively engaging yourself, receiving the words of wisdom in your heart.

Darshan is the direct vision of the Divine, in Sanskrit, blessed vision, appearance or revelation of Truth. Darshan is also an expression for the charisma of a human being that has realised his or her true nature. Mahatma Gandhi had Darshan, Ramana Maharshi had Darshan. It describes the vision of, or the meeting with a saint or a spiritual teacher. Darshan is a tradition in which the silent mind is transmitted. This can happen in a non-vocalised way or in a vocalised way as is the case in Darshan with OM.

This event will be transmitted via Zoom.




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