Silent Love Retreat

This retreat offers to you something that has become very valuable:

An intensive time of silence.

Every summer, the traditional silent retreat with OM C. Parkin takes place at Gut Saunstorf - Place of Stillness. This retreat gives you something that has become very rare and precious these days: an intense time with yourself in silence. Here, slowing down and pausing happen naturally.

In this sinking, maybe a whole new dimension of closeness with yourself opens up for you, and a silent love turns out to be what has always been in you.

Alone and yet connected, you spend quiet hours with the other participants in the spacious park,  enjoying the meals together and simply being in a monastic setting.
Twice a day, in Darshan with OM, you are invited to share everything that moves you, to ask questions and to deepen your experiences. OM will meet you exactly where you are on your path right now, leading you into the depths of your innermost being. Let yourself be surprised by the uncompromising and at the same time loving directness which works through OM and which ignites the fire of the heart over and over again. This fire is food for the soul.

Meditation in absolute darkness

This retreat offers at two occasions the extraordinary opportunity to experience Darshan in absolute darkness. Far away from the visual stimuli of the outer world, you can let yourself fall into utter concentration and stillness.

We are happy to provide an English translation for the Darshan – please ask us when you registrate for the retreat.


Manish Vyas SLR

Musical highlight: Manish Vyas & Band on Saturday 3rd of August 8pm.

To register, please use the registration form in the left information bar under Downloads. For more information, please contact the monastery office or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
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