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In the Flow of Being


Abridged Version (17 % of the integral text)

Source: This is the abridged Version of the book from OM C. Parkin ‘The Birth of the Lion’ and can be ordered from: advaitaMedia GmbH
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Can I live without thoughts?

Only a minimum of thought is needed to organize the work that is being done. And if you believe that a state of no-thought is a state of numbness, you are wrong. On the contrary, it is a state in which true intelligence can unfold for the first time. Unfortunately, in our society, intelligence is defined as having to do with the thinking-mind, but there is a deeper intelligence that is untouched by the usual notion of intelligence. It arises out of a state of mind without thoughts, a state of No-Mind. It is free and pure, original intelligence, impersonal intelligence, that works in the service of mankind in an unpredictable way. It does not correspond to any concept. It knows no morality but follows unknown laws of the heart. It is not fathomable by the thought-machine of the mind. Its laws cannot be understood; they can only be lived. It is possible that they are contradictory, but not necessarily contradictory to certain standards.

The state of No-Mind makes life very simple: What needs to be done in any given moment is done. The whole system of the organism is left to Self-organization. To pick up a glass of water and drink from it, you do not need the thought, “I am thirsty.” Everything happens on its own. By shifting your attention backward, you begin to have an idea of the origin, of the source that brings forth the impulse to reach out for the glass of water, and that source is not a thought. Any effort, any thought, can be abandoned.

I know that the mind holds an infinite number of buts and a tremendous number of conditions under which this could supposedly only be possible. If you want, you can examine the buts one after the other, or you can have the experience of simply dropping all the buts for a moment and surrender to stillness of mind. You can infinitely experience that impersonal Being, rising out of this no-thought state of mind, is perfect and no doing is necessary to reach it. This is the original key.

All experiences gained on the spiritual path - exceptional experiences, paranormal experiences, physical experiences, or emotional experiences - are of limited value because they are transitory. But realization of your own inner Stillness is everlasting. That which is transitory should not be in the center of your attention.

In this stillness, you are beyond worries, and there are no problems to solve. For problems, in the sense of frictions and turmoil occurring in the course of this lifestream, are also solved without the thought-machine believing it is responsible or even capable of solving problems. Finally, all phenomena are realized to be natural energey, sometimes taking a disharmonious course and sometimes a harmonious one. There are no longer any concepts that things always have to run harmoniously. Why should existence exclude the occasionally disharmonious way of things? As soon as you have any idea, that is to say, as soon as you follow any thought about how it should be, how it could have been, how it has to be, or how it does not have to be, you’ve got a problem. Existence does not have this problem. In reality, this problem does not even exist. It is an artificial problem. In truth, nobody has a problem. All problems are artificially created. And if naturally occurring friction and disharmony are called problem, this is totally different. If, for instance, two people come together and their personalities are contrary and friction occurs, that is not a problem. What happens is never the problem. It’s the thoughts about what happens that are the problem.

When unpleasant things happen, for instance, when your house burns down, this certainly is very uncomfortable and not very pleasant, but it is not a problem. The house has simply burnt down, and whatever has to be done is what has to be done, for instance, find a new house. There are even worse losses, like the death of people who have become dear to you, or the sudden loss of a family member. Finally, there is the loss of your body. Eventually, you will lose everything, everything except yourSelf.

* * *

When I hear the mind speak of Non-doing, I recognize the taste of fatalism. And what I observe in most minds is the swing of a pendulum. On one end of the swing is a letting oneself go, either in resignation or in fatalism, and on the other end of the swing is a tense search. It is, as always, an approach to a paradox.

I can tell you not to do anything, but you have to be ready to do everything. And this readiness to do everything does not necessitate mental contraction. When you are not ready to do everything, nothing reveals itself to you, for he who doesn’t search, doesn’t find either. The understanding that not searching signifies that it is not necessary to do everything is a concept that puts you on a razor’s edge.

There still seems to be a lot of emphasize on the will, and I can’t deal with that.

Don’t make the will your enemy, for the one who makes the will its enemy is also the will. This is absurd. Don’t make anything within you an enemy. When you make something an enemy, you split it off, and in that moment, a senseless struggle arises. Even if it is in the name of enlightenment, it is senseless. Just relax.

A question that can lead you very deep is, “What is it that I really want?” The will itself is not the obstacle. The obstacle is the fact that you pursue levels and layers of unfulfilled needs that do not truly correspond with what you really want. This could also be called the false will. And this false will is nothing but your landing on a layer of the will. As Gangaji keeps emphasizing, “Never land anywhere, not even in enlightenment.” 

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