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Free of Vice, Free of Virtue


Abridged Version (35 % of the integral text)

Source: This is the abridged Version of the book from OM C. Parkin ‘The Birth of the Lion’ and can be ordered from: advaitaMedia GmbH
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Are there practical techniques to do or not do certain things in order to gather energy for Self-realization?

I wouldn’t say that any technique renders Self-realization possible.

Does anything render it more probable?

What facilitates realization is the relaxation of the mind. As Da Free John expressed it, when self-contraction diminishes, Self-inquiry may be more easily possible. But I wouldn’t claim even that because relaxation can be used immediately to fall asleep again.

I always have trouble endorsing any prerequisites for realization. Yet, neither would I consider realization to be totally independent of a person’s energy level. Carlos Castaneda’s teacher, Don Juan, supposedly even claims that a person’s story of suffering has to do exclusively with a lack of available energy. The thinking mind wastes life energy by not totally understanding and respecting its flow. “Accept what comes and reject what goes,“ was Papaji’s teaching. The I, however, habitually “rejects what comes and accepts what goes.”

All energy, all longing, has to be made available toward the desire for liberation. In regards to the subject of virtue or merit, if you feel good living certain virtues, do them. If you don’t feel good about it, don’t.

Contradictory and opposing forces appear through every personality. One moment, softness appears, perhaps the next moment, hardness appears. One moment joy appears, and the next moment anger appears. To call these forces contradictory or opposite requires comparisons made by the mind. The moment you give up all comparisons and stay with the suchness of what is, whether that comparison is some notion of the last moment or some imagination of the next moment, then softness appears when softness appears, and hardness appears when hardness appears. Separation appears when separation appears, and union appears when union appears.

What happens when you give up every comparison, when you even give up the attempt to give a name to what appears?

Then only this moment is lived and I am totally Here, Now. The moment is simply the moment without any evaluation. It is as it is, and there are no longer any problems. Then everything can just be. But the moment one idealizes or compares from different time periods, there will always be a discrepancy.

Comparison is always a gateway to ignorance. There are two essential gateways to ignorance. One is comparison, and the other, evaluation. Both work together. In this moment, can you dive into the Suchness of what is without any conceptualization, without any interpretation, without any thinking about it?

Re-flecting or pre-conceiving is always after or before, never here. When you are here, the forces that arise out of the spontaneous aliveness of this moment can live. If the impulse is strong enough, it will express itself. And if the impulse is not very strong, it will stay within and not express itself on the outside. There is no obligation to express something and there is no obligation to not express something. Then, whatever is expressed in life is no longer controlled by a personal I. …

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