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Realization: The Fall into the Bottomless


Abridged Version (30 % of the integral text)

Source: This is the abridged Version of the book from OM C. Parkin ‘The Birth of the Lion’ and can be ordered from: advaitaMedia GmbH
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Realization is an unfathomable phenomenon. It has no landing place. In a timeless moment, there is a falling into what has no end. It is the fall into the bottomless.

Realization is not a process. Understanding is a process, and genuine understanding follows realization. The moment of realization is like the bursting of a soap bubble. In the moment of realization, all knowing is available, and yet in that moment, there is no thought. Realization can never be attained by thoughts. Understanding happens through thoughts. Truth is revealed when all thoughts are stilled. It is the great misunderstanding of theoretical philosophy that realization is attained through any effort of thinking. Realization is a moment of no thinking. It is a moment of No-mind.

The discrimination between understanding and realization is essential. Understanding takes place within the closed system of the mind. In the moment of realization, no mind can be found separate from consciousness. When the apparently separate individual mind touches pure consciousness, realization occurs.

Can this discrimination also be applied to everyday situations?

No. As a function of the working mind,* understanding is responsible for everything that can be known.

Is there only one realization? Aren’t there first several steps that give you a certain realization, and then another realization follows later, and so on?

Seen from an absolute point of view, there is only one realization, and that is Self-realization.

And then everything is over?

Realization happens in a timeless moment of grace. What is not over is the process of understanding.

Yes, but couldn’t there be several realizations, again and again, in particular moments? One could also say several enlightenments?

Self-realization happens only once.

Are you sure about that?

Why should it happen several times?

A deepening, so to speak.

Yes, I can confirm this deepening, but I would describe this deepening as the mind’s falling into realization, the working mind’s fall into the Self. And this deepening has no end as long as the organism is maintained.

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