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The Realization of the Self: No Person becomes Enlightend


Abridged Version (32 % of the integral text)

Source: This is the abridged Version of the book from OM C. Parkin ‘The Birth of the Lion’ and can be ordered from: advaitaMedia GmbH
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Many spiritual teachings and the whole of psychology as well, are fundamentally based on the illusion of developing yourself instead of allowing impersonal development to simply happenYou do not develop. That kind of teaching is based on the illusion that there is a somebody who needs to develop. There is nobody who needs to develop. Development is simply a change in the illusion, a change happening in the play. In Hinduism this is called Leela,* the divine play. In this development, there can be no development from imperfection to perfection. Throughout any development, there is always, only perfection. Related to the personality of a human being this means that perfection cannot be found in an imagined future ideal, but rather, in this very moment.

In stillness, there is only the completely authentic expression of the Self in this moment. The expression of an older body will be different from the expression of a younger body. There are also differences according to social position, but none of that matters. It is all inessential.

Then does this illusionary self-image develop from a poor self-image to a better self-image?

As long as realization is incomplete, the illusion of an I who develops appears. Development can only exist out of comparison. If there is no comparison, development doesn’t exist. Development is the comparison between a past image and a future image. Out of this comparison, the illusion of development appears. In reality, however, both images exist now, the past image as well as the future image. When there is the understanding that both images exist now, there can be no development from one image that exists now to another image that equally exists now, so there is no sense in talking about development. Yet, on a relative level, as long as realization is incomplete, there appears to be an I who develops.

Realization is touching Stillness, and touching Stillness is the end of development. I haven’t heard of anybody experiencing development in meditation.

Does the mind develop?

The mind develops, but only as long as you believe in the reality of the mind.

* * *

When you cling to what arises, you cling to what dies, for all that arises is already dying in the moment of its arising. Through the great illusion of time, totally subjective perceptions of rapidity and slowness come into existence. The Self, however, does not arise. The Self is. The body arises, thoughts arise, feelings arise. The whole world arises in this moment. This arising, however, is not available to your perception because the vibration is too fast. Similar to the way the images on your television are created, the whole world and what arises in this moment is created, and in that same split-second, everything collapses, dies, and is immediately created again. It happens so fast that it seems to be out of the realm of your momentary perception. A vibration is created that appears to have continuity, but it is only an appearance.

And the mind that clings to what arises does not recognize its own origin. Out of the clinging to what arises, fear of loss and dying are born, and that fear is justified, for what arises will, in fact, immediately die again. What remains is you.

* * *

What is Truth?

Basically, I can only answer that question by describing what Truth is not. Truth is nothing you can seize by thought, as you have tried until now. Truth is nothing you can perceive by the five senses, or supernatural senses, or by any sense at all. Truth is not an object. So, if you cannot seize Truth, neither by the senses nor by thought, what remains?


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