Inner Work

"Inner Work happens between doing and leaving undone.
It is in the ‘not doing’ that everything happens,
the work of the divine Self."*

For OM and the teachers of the Enneallionce - School for Inner Inner Work is an expression of a paradox: Inner Work happens in not doing. The "I" cannot and need not do or change anything. In this way inner work can transform everything. At the same time Inner Work requires a true readiness and willingness to serve truth and love, to serve the bigger whole.

The path of self-exploration or self-inquiry is about giving up preconceived ideas and images of the collective consciousness that are imprinted in the minds of man as a heritage that has been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. Inner Work, basically, means to unlearn what we have learned. To listen with open ears, feel everything and to trust to the mystery of ourselves in the unexpected of every moment. We wake from our sleep, make contact again with our forgotten depths and learn, which for most of us is the difficult part , to lovingly accept ourselves. In becoming once again truly humane, where we are fathers and mothers to ourselves, we discover how to be adults without blocking our power of love, prohibiting our intelligence and defiling the innocence of our souls. Inner Work can strongly accelerate the growth of a human being. It transforms us into loving, creative and sensitive beings who do not feel isolated from their inner source of power or from the exterior events of the world.

It is at this point that we have the great opportunity to give up the isolating identity of our thinking mind and to enter the paradoxical path of ‘not doing’. That is exactly what Jesus meant when he asked his disciples to leave everything: family, profession, everything that makes you who you are, and follow him. Jesus also says, “Let the dead bury the dead“. Following the inner teaching can be a very uncomfortable path leading us from the apparent security of a limited world, full of entanglements, into solitude. From being alone with oneself to the recognition of not being isolated from anything.

Types of Inner Work
in the Enneallionce - School for Inner Work

Small Self-Inquiry 
Great Self-Inquiry 

The inner and exterior teacher invite us to question with our whole being and answer with our whole being - without any compromises. We learn to understand the Three Brains (Gurdjieff), head, heart, and belly as a unity and to no longer walk the path of ‘either or’ but to take the path of ‘as well as’. The path of integration. In Inner Work we call this the ‘small self-inquiry’ illuminating the inner world of a human being, the apparent reality of his life created by his own mind. It serves the ‘great self-inquiry’ which after the teachings of the great Indian mystic Ramana Maharshi consists of only one question, “Who am I?“.

Western and Eastern Exercises for the Three Brains of Man

Through the assistance of OM and the teachers and therapists of the Enneallionce it is possible to clearly reveal the mind and its conditioning. Through the trustworthy support of the assistants and fellow-travellers it also becomes possible to lovingly accept ‘that which is’. To try out and to explore oneself, to be curious – everything is permitted and everything is possible in the School for Inner Work. Well tested exercises of therapeutic and spiritual traditions from the East and West guide the student through their process of exploration. The map of the Enneagram of Character Fixation offers orientation on the path along with working with a partner, sharing in small groups, individual work, lectures on the nature of the mind, rituals and healing bodywork. Through emotional work, philosophical dialogue and Sacred Movements (school of sacral movement) the subject matter is consolidated in the three brains. The Inner Work is especially useful to expose hidden structures, “unconscious“ in psychology that make us move in circles in our everyday lives, like a hamster in his wheel. Blocked or prohibited life forces reappear and are then available for us and for the world in a meaningful way.

“Look the Truth of yourself in the eyes. It is unfamiliar. Look closely. That is You. That is the perfection of your Being. You do not need to change yourself. Change takes place as you look. NOW.“*

A short interview with OM C. Parkin

Q: What is Inner Work?

OM: Inner Work is the practice of the inner path.

Q: Does an individual need Inner Work?

OM: No, an individual that is not interested in inner development does not need inner work. It is only useful for those who want to promote growth of the seed of the awakening potential within man.

Q: What exactly does ‘inner development’ mean?

OM: ‘Inner development’ means integration of all evolutionary stages of human development from the lowest to the highest so that each stage of development provides the maximum potential energy for the next highest stage.

Q: What is integral intelligence?

OM: Integral intelligence is the intelligence of the three brains of the human being, his three power centres, an intelligence that is free from the traumatic imprints of the past. In integral intelligence these three centres do not work separately but collectively and are simultaneously self-sufficient in the actuality of Now.

Q: What connection is there between the Inner Work and the spiritual path of a person?

OM: Inner Work starts in a personal, psychological sphere and then spreads quite naturally into spirituality if the person allows it. The spiritual path is one that transcends personal development. Where psychology ends spirituality begins.

Q: What is meant by Inner Work happening by not doing?

OM: It starts by doing and ends in not doing. That means in order to perceive and achieve effortlessness an initial effort is needed. Meditation is an exercise of not doing but also starts by an action.

Q: Which action?

OM: The intention to sit down for meditation. Later on meditation becomes a permanent, natural state of mind.

Q: How do you reconcile the concept of Inner Work with the Advaitan teaching that enlightenment IS NOW?

OM: Not at all.

Q: Why do Inner Work then?

OM: My answer was for the rationalist. On the paradoxical path that every serious person takes who has turned inwards, gradual enlightenment and sudden enlightenment do not exclude each other. Exactly as being and becoming are not mutually exclusive. This school teaches the path of unity.

Q: How does a person become one of OM’s students? Does it require Inner Work?

OM: There are students who neither follow the path of the school nor do Inner Work. Some people are just not able to take the radical path. They take a path of no commitment. That is okay too. But they never become part of what I call the conscious discipleship. Only the conscious disciples that have gone through the childish phase of their parental relationship have a potential for total liberation from the thinking mind.

Q: Is a teacher necessary at all on the spiritual path?

OM: An absurd question. Everybody already has a teacher. The question is which?

Q: Which ones are there?

OM: Let us call them mind and heart.

Q: And who is the awakened, external teacher?

OM: Your innermost heart.

* Quotations from OM C. Parkin

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