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It’s time, the next date for Dharma Talk is set and we celebrate this weekend “for real” together in the monastery. A coming together with teachers, the teachings and the Sangha. Please register now!

OM Unmani Sumiran

The OM Foundation Inner Science invites on a donation basis to the monastery Gut Saunstorf.
Meditation, Darshan, Satsang, Meeting in Truth, Sharing… Immersion in being with spiritual masters and teachers.


Through the spiritual master OM C. Parkin, who will be on site, an unexpected clarity and sharpness in Darshan comes into the room. It can cut off all wrong doing, thinking and wishing and lead you into the depths. Through this benevolent radicality you can dive inwardly into your own beingness full of stillness and peace.


The spiritual teacher Unmani from England will be online.

Unmani invites you in Meeting in Truth to follow your deepest longing for truth and courageously realize it in your life. To meet Unmani is to experience yourself in the most real and vivid way. She invites you to awaken into who you really are, beyond what you think.



Russian mystic Swami Dharma Sumiran will be there online. You can ask him questions in Satsang and be touched by his simplicity but great depth. Through his presence he will bring you closer to your soul. In the last satsang we had the pleasure of experiencing him in, he said, “If you really feel your soul, you will find that your soul has an incredible thirst for God.”

Here you will find a deep dharma talk by Sumiran.

Dialoge im Sein from Sumiran was published by our house publisher advaitaMedia in 2017.

Sumiran - Dialoge im Sein

The extraordinary thing about Dharma Talk is that different teachers come together and speak from the same truth. Each in their own way and yet they speak in depth to the same consciousness of truth and love within you.

It is an incredible gift to experience three awakened forms in interaction during these days. Through this you can find new aspects and approaches of the wisdom teachings within yourself.

Besides Darshan, Satsang and Meeting in Truth, there will also be guided meditations and sharings, where you can also bring your concerns. A detailed program will follow after registration.

The event is in German and English. Russian will be translated into German.

To the advaitaCongress 2019, where among other teachers these three masters and teachers met already once, a participant says:


“The congress with the different aspects of the teaching was very beneficial, enriching and complementary. It brought spirituality very close to me, very practical, almost to touch. The days have left a deep impression, deep traces in me and a trail out of the jungle of the ego.”


We look forward to seeing you!

Here is a glimpse of the coming together of different realized forms – the recording of the closing event of the last advaitaCongress in Thalheim, near Vienna 2019:


advaitaCongress 2019 - Being with 4 advaita Teachers - OM C. Parkin, Igor Kufayev, Sumiran, Unmani


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