Darshan with OM

"In darshan an inward room opens up, intimacy with oneself. You allow yourself to really see, through time, through space, through any mask. Then, there is stillness. Then, there is peace. Then, there is simplicity. Suffering is at an end. The encounter with the teacher in darshan takes place without a relationship. A relationship would require two, this coming together only one. That is the difference."*

To meet face to face in this way is usually quite intimate. It is unusual to look into the eyes of a human being like OM, burning so intensely and so detached at the same time. If the eyes are considered to be the windows of the soul, this is like looking into an empty house. It can feel like catching fire, it can be like falling into nothingness, like an electric shock or like a vortex. Perhaps it is a relaxed sinking into stillness, perhaps one goes home annoyed. Everybody has his own experience in darshan, in the presence of an awakened being, but nobody remains untouched by the fire of truth.


* Quotations from OM

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