Gut Saunstorf Monastery - Place of Stillness

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Gut Saunstorf Monastery - Place of Stillness, near the Hanseatic city of Wismar is a modern, trans-denominational monastery - a place of retreat and contemplation, initiated by OM C. Parkin.

The modern monastery is a sacred and at the same time enlightened place. It bows to the monastic and spiritual traditions and continues them into modern age. If the monastery, as a Place of Stillness, of preservation and transmission of spiritual knowledge, enters the enlightened modern age, then the transmission of eternal mysticism is ensured.

At Gut Saunstorf, the inner monastery finds an outer home in a quiet and powerful place.

The former ruins of the manor house were discovered by OM C. Parkin and revitalised as a trans-denominational monastery, which serves his students and seekers of meaning as a place of retreat - regardless of which denomination or spiritual orientation they belong to.

"In our modern society there are only remnants of sacred places. Temples of consumption replace temples of God. Sacred places are the heart of every culture.
They are a means of SELF-remembrance."

OM C. Parkin

In 2010, the modern monastery opened its doors to guests in the fully restored manor house as a monastery hotel which offers a variety of events and retreats that has grown over the years.

As a Place of Stillness, it is also a centre for events by spiritual teachers from all over the world and offers for seminars and retreats a quiet dignified setting.

Most of the events at Gut Saunstorf take place with OM C. Parkin, the Enneallionce - School for Inner Work and the OM Foundation for Inner Science.

The place is supported and enlivened by a lively monastic community of more than 45 people.

As a guest of the monastery you are invited to spend time for yourself and to retreat from the noisy, fast world. The modern monastery offers you - supported by the daily meditations - a setting that helps you to contemplate, to become still and to listen to your heart.



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