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“An Inner School is a university of the soul. In that place, students acquire the abilities they need to traverse the manifold inner landscapes. In the heart of this inner world, the student finds the Self. Recognizing this Self is the ultimate happiness on earth.”
OM C. Parkin

Enneallionce - Schule für Innere ArbeitIn 1995, OM C. Parkin founded the Enneallionce - School for Inner Work. At first, its purpose was to impart knowledge about the Enneagram cosmology to students on the inner path and to teach Inner Work on this basis. Meanwhile, the Inner School has developed into a university of the soul. It combines the universal essence of wisdom traditions with the findings of modern depth psychology. It teaches students to trace their minds and accompanies them on their path of healing, development and self-knowledge.

Since 2007 the Enneallionce consists of an outer and an inner circle. The outer circle, which is accessible for everybody, offers open and continuing groups of practical Inner Work, work with the Enneagram, as well as meetings focusing on special subjects and integral healing events.

The heart of the Inner School is the Mystery School, guided by OM C. Parkin himself and teachers of the Enneallionce. With its regular meetings of secluded, fixed groups, it is the place where the mystic fire is experienced most intensely. Every two or three years, a new cycle of the inner circle of the Mystery School begins. The current cycle started in 2020, the next beginning is planned for 2023.

The School is embedded in the modern monastery, which unites all elements: the universal teaching, conveyed by a spiritual master to the Sangha, the community of seekers.

“The complete School of Being teaches both, the philosophy of Being and the philosophy of becoming.”
OM C. Parkin

More Information about the Enneallionce - School for Inner Work in German

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