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The vision of the OM Foundation Inner Science is to protect and preserve the perennial wisdom teachings, the knowledge of the true human nature, so these teachings may remain accessible to those seeking spiritual evolution.

The study of the Perennial Philosophy - the universal essence of all wisdom teachings - as a holistic experiential path of inner practice is at the centre of this transmission. The purpose of the OM Foundation Inner Science is to show seeking individuals an integral path of Self-realisation, whereby body, soul and mind, the three levels of being, find their way into a natural, wholesome order. Inner Science is thus not a purely mental process, but a method that serves to awaken the entirety of the human potential - embodiment of love as well as recognition of truth.

The Foundation serves as an umbrella for meetings with its initiator OM C. Parkin as well as for the networking with teachers of different spiritual paths, in darshan, retreats, conferences, lectures and teaching events.


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