Philosophia Perennis - the Universal Teachings of Spiritual Wisdom

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Many people on the path of inner knowledge are looking for universal and therefore eternally valid answers to existential questions, for the highest and therefore ultimate knowledge. Philosophia perennis, the Perennial Philosophy, is the essence of inner teachings from East and West. Its method is Inner Science, its fruition is the deepest understanding of all things ephemeral, on the ground of which the eternal ONE appears. Wisdom teachings are uncompromisingly and solely committed to this absolute Truth in Love.

“There is truly nothing that you could do to recognize who you are. Knowing that, do everything.”
OM C. Parkin

People ask about the meaning in their lives because they do not know it. And yet from earliest times they have contemplated that a “higher” meaning exists beyond their limited understanding. What is the meaning of our existence? What is this limited, mortal “I”? Who am I really in this boundless reality, embedded in the eternal stream of Being and becoming? And what is the “true self”, the divine SELF? Is there a universal, a final answer?

In the 16th century, the Italian bishop Augustinus Steuchus coined the phrase of philosophia perennis, the Perennial Philosophy. He used it to describe “those basic Truths, which have to be present at all times in all peoples and which have to constitute a science out of the One Principle (God).”

Dealing with the scriptures and oral traditions of wisdom teachers from all ages, it becomes clear that there is a universally valid essence fundamental to all great teachings and religions. In the core of the teaching there is absolute Truth. It lies beyond the horizon of the human mind and can only be integral experienced, i.e. taught with the involvement of transpersonal, cosmic intelligence. When the mind is quiet and the heart is open, then the deep experience of absolute Oneness can happen. The knowledge of born-to-be reveals itself: we are born to realise this unseparated way of Being. That is the real purpose of existence of a human being: knowledge of the SELF.

In Hindu tradition, the term Advaita stands for this transpersonal way of Being: Non-Duality. For us, Advaita comprises the timeless testimony of awakened masters of all traditions. The ancient Chinese TAO, Jesus' teaching, Gautama Buddha's teaching, ZEN, the teaching of Mevlana Rumi, the teachings of the Hasidic rabbis, to name a few of the most important ones, they all point to the secret unity of the entire existence and the regularity of (re-)unification with the Divine of everything ever deemed separate.

“Advaita is no teaching. Advaita is the end of all teaching. It is for those who are ready for this end. And it has never been the case in the more recent history of mankind that this end was accessible to so many people as it is now. Advaita can only exist for one moment – but this moment is eternal. ”
OM C. Parkin


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