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The Mystery School led by OM C. Parkin and teachers of the Enneallionce - School of the Fourth Way forms the heart of the inner path, the inner schooling, as taught at Gut Saunstorf Monastery. As a university of the soul, it is the place where the mystical fire can be experienced most intensively through regular enclosure in fixed groups. It is a space of intense exploration of hidden inner laws of the universe, of the practice of spiritual discipline. Students are guided to the implement what they learned in their daily lives.

"Self-enquiry is the Inner Science" *

Students consider the Mystery School as the place where the mystical fire burns fiercest and can be experienced most intensively. It is not a place of seeking, but a timeless place of teaching and advanced learning, a space of intense exploration of hidden inner laws of the universe and practice of spiritual discipline. Nevertheless, the Mystery School does not serve the navel-gazing of spiritualized souls, but the concrete implementation of what has been learned in the world. As of 2007, the Mystery School consists of an outer and an inner circle. The outer circle offers one-year research seminars on Inner Work, ongoing groups, as well as theme-based seminars and healing weekends. The inner circle is the non-public part of the school, which has developed and continues to develop over the years into a learning and living community.

* Quote from OM C. Parkin

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