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Q: OM, what is Spiritual Healing?

OM: Healing by psychic power.

Q: Such psychic power is extremely rare. Is it an innate gift or is it a gift that can develop with the inner development of a person?

OM: Both, every person in their natural state of Being possesses a certain amount of psychic power, an ability to see. He sees everything as it is, free of distortions, superimpositions, disguises, or delusions of the mind. His inner state is transparent and that is why he can look deeper into everything. Therefore in the natural condition, psychic power is not an extraordinary gift. This psychic power, however, can be of  a different extent and can relate to very different areas. There are people who are not in the natural state but yet possess this gift. They are able to temporarily enter a transparent, visionary state in which they can see things that are hidden to normal people. Channels are a good example but there are  many channels whose vision is strongly polluted by concepts and images of their own mind while they are channeling.

Q: To which area is your gift of psychic power related?

OM: Almost exclusively to the mental area. I cannot look into the physical body. There are some psychics on the other hand whose psychic power is related to the body but they cannot see the mind.

Q: What does it mean – “to look into the mind“? What do you see in the mind of a person in the process of psychic healing?

OM: It means exactly that, I look into the mind of a person and receive information from his subconscious that is essential for his present healing.

Q: What kind of information could that be?

OM: Subconscious attitudes, concepts but also memories from the past possibly a trauma that has been suppressed. Sometimes it is also about transmissions of the mind that go way back in the family history and have been inherited, for instance through the mother’s line.

Q: If,  for instance, a woman came to see you and asked: “I suspect that I was abused as a little girl. Can you tell me if this is true?“ Could you then say for certain if this had been the case?

OM: No, I couldn’t. Whether that has really happened or has just happened in her mind does not matter at all from the healer’s point of view. If one has a view point which recognises true reality then one knows that a thing like “real past“ ultimately does not exist anyway. What I can see, however, is if this supposed abuse really constitutes the crucial fixation that has to be solved. It is possible that the mind just keeps itself occupied with it to distract itself from some deeper issue. What seems to be the crucial suffering point from the perspective of the participating person can be totally unessential from the healer’s point of view.

Q: Why is that?

OM: Because of self-deception, delusion, dishonesty, fear, just to give a few examples.

Q: So, when you face a person and see phenomena from this person’s mental world, how does that heal exactly?

OM: The mental body is the highest energy body of a person. In this body, as in all other bodies there are contractions, energetic knots, that I call fixations. I describe mental healing by comparing it with acupuncture. A mental needle is put on a blind spot, the knot dissolves and the energy flows again. The more precisely the needle is placed, the stronger is the healing power. It is a moment in which something dead is transformed into something alive again.

Q: Can it happen, that you won’t see anything?

OM: Yes, that is possible. I can see only what the soul is ready to set free. Mental healing can never happen against a person’s free will. That is, it can happen even if a person cannot see,  he must simply be ready and have a true desire to be healed from his personal distress.

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