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Through lectures and dialogues revolving around issues of being truly human, OM guides us towards integral intelligence of the heart, through Inner Science towards “Perennial Philosophy“, where seeking comes to an end as universal knowledge reveals itself. Whoever opens themselves in trust to the master stands at the beginning of unfolding one's true human potential.

OM C. Parkin, inner scientist, mystic and philosopher, is seeking a dialogue with others involved in the sciences and humanities, religion, medicine and psychology.

„Outer science“, directed towards exploring nature, is joined by „Inner Science“, which is aimed at Self-reflection. Explorers of „Inner Science“ are not so much interested in the truths of the outer world as they are interested in the ultimate and eternal truth, the “philosophia perennis“ (Perennial Philosophy). For this, they are ready to explore themselves and the nature of their limitations by confronting the ultimate question of: “Who am I?“ The true answer to this question is the key to realisation and opens up the gateway to the “Intelligence of Awakening“.

“The limitation of science does not lie in science itself but in the scientist.“
OM C. Parkin

As long as scientists are not conscious of their limitations, they only make use of a fraction of their possibilities to explore and penetrate the primordial ground of all Being. Scientists who are thirsting for knowledge generally do not acknowledge that they are not exploring for their own sake but as an instrument of a higher will. As long as they are unaware of this, hidden egoistic motives rule. They accumulate knowledge, try to own it and to adorn themselves with it – unaware that the denial of one’s own limitations leads to a compensation through overinflation. The result is arrogance stunting the inner development.

It is exactly at this point where the bridge from outer to Inner Science must be built. Sooner or later, the true scientist inevitably meets their limitations. To transcend the boundary, they must open up to the unknown inner territory that they had previously excluded from their exploration. This is the essential move from personally “owned” knowledge towards universal knowledge. It requires the inquiry into one’s own EGO: Who am I? Who is the one that inquires? Since earliest times SELF-realisation was described by Indian masters as the trinity of: Sat-Chit-Ananda. Being, Consciousness, Bliss.

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