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OM C. Parkin about Meditation

Meditation is an inner attitude that does not interfere with what happens. It is the attitude of No-mind. For many, meditation is a technique that has become like a habit, a mere ritual. A state which can attain a temporary relative state of stillness of mind, however it is always relative and never total. And as soon as the meditation practice is over, slowly but surely, the old state develops again.
Teachers say: Stop thinking. Then you sit down for meditation and state: You can't stop your thoughts. Now it's impossible to get rid of the spirits that you once summoned. Thoughts impose themselves on you. They are obsessive. They move in circles - always a little different and yet always the same. You become painfully aware of this fixated attitude, this compulsive attitude of being in thoughts. And then you start your fight against the thoughts. As if one could defeat thoughts with thoughts. But you can't. The truth is that the fighter himself is also just a thought!
So, if you don't have any success fighting your thoughts, why don't you invite all of them to be there? The good, the bad, the agreeable, the disagreeable thoughts, invite all of them. Allow yourself to be flooded by thoughts. And if you then have the feeling: Oh my God, these are really unending worlds, whole universes of thoughts passing by - let it happen. Do nothing. Be vigilant. They are just passing by.
And then find the gap between the thoughts. And relax into it. Realisation happens between two thoughts. Realisation happens in mental relaxation. When you relax your mind, the gaps between the thoughts become bigger and bigger. The cloud cover breaks up and a totally natural stillness of mind occurs. In this stillness the space for realisation opens. The truth is that you don't realise anything, but that realisation happens in you. It is impersonal. This is meditation. It takes place this moment in your meeting with yourself without your knowing who you are, in every moment anew.

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