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The Myth of Enlightenment - Audio Book

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In this conversation, the biggest misconceptions about enlightenment are exposed. OM talks about the distinction between awakening experiences and enlightenment, which are often lumped together. The essential focus is to distinguish whether something is a fleeting, short-lived experience, or an enduring, permanent state.

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"All desires are a disguise covering up one real desire: the desire to be free.”

OM shares from his wealth of experience about his own awakening process. He names various pitfalls that spiritual seekers repeatedly fall into on their quest.

“All practice is directed into the future, but Enlightenment is NOW!”

Why are there so few truly awakened people? It is true that the awareness of suffering has always been the great driving force behind the search for realisation. It is also true that since the beginning of the great religions there have only been a handful of enlightened people.

The so-called New Age movement and its various forms of expression are also scrutinised. It shows that most people are simply interested in feeling good and having intense, mystical, angelic experiences of happiness. The catch is that these experiences are not permanent. And, unsurprisingly, they have nothing to do with true bliss.

Light is also shed on the guru. Who actually is the guru? In what form can he manifest himself? And how do I recognise a true teacher from a false one?

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