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Intelligence of Awakening - Navigating the Wisdom Path

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This book illuminates the path to liberation for those who turn inward, beyond the boundaries of religious denominations, and rise above the attachments in life in order to attain knowledge of their true nature. The foundation of this path is laid out in four chapters: The Study of the Mind, Understanding Suffering, The Nature of the Inner Path, and Teaching the Path. The Intelligence of Awakening describes the prospect of the transformation of our human life which—from an inner perspective—is determined through the identification with an I, which was created by the thinking mind’s restricted worldview. It provides a practical and comprehensive orientation for the spiritual seeker who looks to sort out the many competing claims and approaches to wisdom teachings that are circulating in our globalized world.

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Regina Sara Ryan, author of 'Praying Dangerously', 'Radical Reliance on God' and 'The Woman Awake: Female Wisdom for the Spiritual Life' writes:

"I have found it a rare and valuable privilege to read, in the English language, this brilliant, lively translation of a compendium of perennial wisdom. The author's vast scholarship is matched by his devotion to truth. The scope of this treatment is breathtaking. Within his deep exploration of the nature of mind, he establishes a unique marriage of East and West, as stirring insights into the core of the Christian mystical tradition are offered side by side with the profound understanding of the Advaita stream. Here is an encyclopedia of the inner life, but one that reads like a compelling guidebook for the earnest pilgrim of any spiritual, philosophical or religious path. Readers be warned, however, that the journey through this book requires an intrepid willingness to question long-treasured beliefs, superficialities and lifelong habits. For me, the chapter on the Guru/Teacher-Student relationship fills a need for straight talk about a topic that is desperately misunderstood and trivialized today. Kudos and pranams to OM C. Parkin, and gratitude to Gateways for introducing the English-language version of this remarkable work."


Table of Contents  
Chapter 1 8
The Mind - A Phantom 8
The Mind • Dialogue 22
Chapter 2 66
Suffering 66
Suffering • Dialogue 84
Chapter 3 107
The Inner Path 107
The Inner Path • Dialogue I 138
The Inner Path • Dialogue II 193
Chapter 4 239
Teacher and Student 239
Teacher and Student • Dialogue I 263
Teacher and Student • Dialogue II 275
Ode to Gangaji (by OM) 315
Chapter 5 317
The Ten Ox Pictures 317
Epilogue 338


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