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OM Online: Darshan English, December 16, 2021

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This was the first online Darshan dedicated to English speaking people after a long time. Feel free to see the recording here.

People could participate on zoom to have a personal dialog with OM or to join in silence, receiving words of wisdom through the heart.

Darshan is the direct vision of the divine, in Sanskrit, blessed vision, appearance or revelation of truth. Darshan is also an expression for the charisma of a human being that has realised his or her true nature. Mahatma Gandhi had Darshan, Ramana Maharshi had Darshan. It describes the vision of, or the meeting with a saint or a spiritual teacher. Darshan is a tradition in which the silent mind is transmitted. This can happen in a non-vocalised way or in a vocalised way as is the case in Darshan with OM.

We are excited to invite you again soon!

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