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The Mystery School has already existed for several years in the Enneallionce. It is the core of the school which was founded and led by OM C. Parkin. The term is of west European origin and goes back to ancient Greece. Mystery means secret and in the traditional mystery schools  knowledge has been and still is taught which is not available to the public. True transformation, however, does not happen by secret techniques but by the discovery of the divine stillness that underlies all creation. The work of the Mystery School is ultimately dedicated to the discovery of the true self, the no-mind.

“Self-enquiry is Inner Science“*
The students see the Mystery School as the place where the mystic fire is hottest and by regular retreats, in closed groups, is experienced the most intensely. It is not a place of searching but a timeless place of teaching and advanced learning, a place of intense exploration of the hidden inner laws of the universe and the practice of mental discipline. In spite of that, the Mystery School does not encourage an overindulgence in self-contemplation by spiritual souls but promotes the concrete practice, of what has been learned, in the world. Since the year 2007, the Mystery School consists of two concentric circles. In the exterior circle, one-year seminars of Inner Work, ongoing groups as well as seminars on individual topics and weekends of spiritual healing take place. The Inner Circle, however, is a part of the school that is closed to the public. It has developed over the years and still continues to develop into a community that both learns and lives together.
If you are interested in the Mystery School and would like more information you are welcome to contact at any time:
Enneallionce - School for Inner Work
Tel.: +49-(0)38 424-229 737
Fax: +49-(0)38 424-229 739

* Quotations from OM C. Parkin
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