La Naissance du Lion

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Dialogues of Self-Inquiry
advaitaMedia 2011

The Birth of the Lion by OM C. Parkin was first published in German in 1998, followed by translations into English (2003), Spanish (2009) and French (2011). 2017 the U.S. publisher Gateways Books and Tapes re-published the English edition, and in 2018 a new German edition was released by advaitaMedia.

Up to the present day, The Birth of the Lion is a valuable and impressive book for all those who want to know and who are inspired by the desire for Self-realisation.

In his introductory autobiography "The Birth of the Lion" OM C. Parkin shares an extraordinary account of awakening to REALITY after a harrowing experience of near death and his subsequent meeting of his last teacher Gangaji. Combined with questions and answers taken from public gatherings called "Dialogs of Self-inquiry" (Darshan) OM C. Parkin confronts the reader directly with the essential question: Who is the "I" to which we relate our happiness and unhappiness, our past, present, and future? At the same time, he ruthlessly unmasks the arrogance of ego, clearly revealing how the mind clings to suffering and false identification even in the face of the truth that enlightenment is now.
"I am a non-traditionalist, and for whatever reasons I have been granted the grace of experiencing total Consciousness without any illusion of physical, emotional or mental limitation.I have been granted the grace of experiencing total consciousness without any illusion of physical, emotional, or mental limitation. This consciousness is what I AM. Whether the body appears or not, it doesn't matter. Only this direct experience has any authority, and this direct experience is possible for everyone. When is it possible? Now! Now is what you are searching for, and now is who searches. Everything is now. Everything dissolves into this now." OM C. Parkin

Softcover, 240 pages

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Dialogues pour la Recherche du Soi

Dans son autobiographie d’introduction, La Naissance du Lion, OM C. Parkin partage un extraordinaire récit d’éveil à la Réalité après une terrible expérience de mort imminente. Combiné avec les questions et les réponse tirées de réunions publiques nommées «Dialogues pour la Recherche du Soi» (Darshans), OM C. Parkin confronte directement le lecteur à la question essentielle : Qui Est ce Je auquel nous relions notre bonheur et notre malheur, notre passé, notre présent et notre futur? Dans le même temps, il démasque de façon impitoyable l’arrogance de l’ego, révélant clairement la manière dont le mental s’accroche à la souffrance et à la fausse identification, même face à la vérité selon laquelle l’Illumination est Maintenant."Je suis un non-traditionnaliste et, pour une raison inconnue, il m’a été accordé d’expérimenter la Conscience totale, sans l’illusion de limitations physiques, émotionnelles ou mentales.
Cette Conscience est ce que JE SUIS. Que le corps apparaisse ou non, cela n’importe pas. Seule cette expérience directe a une autorité, et cette expérience directe est possible pour chacun. Quand est-ce possible? Maintenant! Maintenant est ce que tu cherches, et maintenant est qui tu cherches. Tout est maintenant. Tout se dissout dans ce maintenant." OM C. Parkin




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