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How can living inner practice serve me and how do I serve this practice in my everyday life? What kind of inspiration and guidance do I need for its unfolding into a natural state of being where “remembering myself” is a matter of course? Which seed needs to be watered to make the human potential evolve and the true nature blossom? And – as Gurdjieff put it: walking the path of unfolding the soul, initially requires “conscious effort”. Am I ready for this?

“There is nothing to be done,” – were the Teacher’s last words.
“I see,” the student thought and went back to sleep.”

With this provocative quote we would like to awaken your interest and invite you on a joint research trip – into a field of living inner practice on the path.

The new conference series gives theoretical and practical insights into a variety of teaching paths. We can open our minds to different inner paths ultimately leading to the same universal essence. In a time when shallowness even invades the transmission of spiritual content, engaging with a sincerely pursued teaching grounded in essence  can  contribute to a substantial anchoring in ourselves .

In this first international conference we will dedicate ourselves to Zen, the Bhakti path, and Integral Yoga. We will approach these teaching paths through their representatives, listen to their experiences, be guided, ask questions and immerse into essential elements of each practice.

Three teachers that entirely dedicate their lives to the inner path and have many years of experience in their respective practice will accompany us in these days:

OM C. Parkin, Regina Sara Ryan and Ryu Künne

Konferenz Innere Wege 2023 Referenten

Practicing Integral Yoga

Conversations with OM C. Parkin

The supreme yoga teaches not only the Great Union of visible and invisible impermanent worlds with the Primordial Ground of Eternal Silence, but also the inner human’s harmonious way of life.
The knowledge of the different bodies of the human being, their hierarchical order and the appropriate emphasis lent to them in inner practice gives the inner human being the orientation and guidance it needs to not leave the Middle Way.
Internal antagonists like body and mind, or the polarities of male and female, are united in dynamic balance on the integral Middle Way.

OM describes the outlines of the supreme, spiritual liberation teaching of the human being and provides practical guidance for inner practice in everyday and beyond everyday life.

Moreover OM will conduct Sacred Movements – a sacral form of motion – and possibly other forms of Chi Work.



Riding the Bhakti Road from Convent to Ashram

Lecture and Dialogue with Regina Sara Ryan

You are invited to accompany Regina Sara Ryan as she retraces a map of her long journey within the bhakti tradition¾from her earliest immersion in the heart teachings of Christian mysticism and her life as a Roman Catholic nun, to her meeting with and subsequent thirty-five years of in-person work with Western Baul Master, Khépa Lee Lozowick (1943-2010). Along the way, Regina will make stops to consider her extraordinary connection with Lee’s beloved Master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar; the prayer of the heart (and other ways of praying dangerously); radical reliance on guru/God; and the role of music, meditation, pilgrimage and writing in her own efforts at igniting the inner life.

A Return to the Mother
Practice Session with Regina Sara Ryan

„The Process is feminine and the keys to the lock which imprisons Reality or Truth is in a feminine approachwith very gentle, humorous, patient, accepting relationships to it. If we approach the Work as Woman, we may just discover something quite unexpected and surprising, but no less delightful.“. Lee Lozowick

Using the poetry and songs of many great lovers of God from various traditions (including the Bauls of Bengal), as well as Lee Lozowick’s prayers to and praise of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Regina will guide participants in recalling, writing about and celebrating their own heart’s love and longing.


Koan method in Zen

Lecture of Ryu Künne

A koan (statement of a ZEN master, an incident between master and disciple), which at first glance, rationally considered, appears to be a mystical riddle, is intended to lead discursive thinking “ad absurdum” and, ideally, in a “mental breakthrough” open the so-called “view into one’s true nature” (Jap. Satori, Kensho).

The view into one’s true nature (realisation of one’s Buddha-nature) is most aptly illustrated by the exclamation of the Indian Zen patriarch Bodhidharma:

“Independent of word and script,
focussed directly on the heart of things,
beholding the original nature, become a Buddha”

Daruma, 480 AD.


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