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β€œIn Darshan a space for inwardness, for intimacy with yourself, opens up. You allow yourself to really see through time, through space, through any mask. Then there is stillness. Then there is peace. Then there is simplicity.”

OM C. Parkin

Meeting an impersonal teacher of the silent tradition is an experience happening in the unknown. OM teaches us the subtle exploration of the I – Mind and accompanies us on the path of awakening into the depths of our SELF. In Darshan everyone is invited to ask questions or to share.

OM accompanies and helps you to trust the love, stillness and simplicity of your being. His radical and clear response to your sharings invites you to listen with your heart without knowing and let his words touch you.

OM im Darshan mit Nadine


OM Online: Darshan English December 16, 2021

This was the first online Darshan dedicated to English speaking people after a long time. Feel free to see the recording here.

Om Online English

Darshan with OM is organised by OM Foundation Inner Science

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