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OM C. Parkin is a spiritual master and healer who has been accompanying people on their inner path for many years. OM works in the service of integral healing of people and makes his seeric abilities available to answer participants' questions and initiate healing processes. The quality of darkness and an intimate and open space support these processes.

Quote from a lecture on "Integral Healing" by OM C. Parkin:

 "We understand healing in a comprehensive sense as reconnection to the inner source. This reconnection means becoming whole or becoming one as a real inner experience of the human being during a healing process. That which is sorrowfully felt to be separated, that which is split, is reunited in a conscious act of reunion. This reconnection cannot happen in the physical body, but exclusively in the spiritual world of the human being. Accordingly, spiritual healing is of the highest value. Profound spiritual healing processes usually have a healing influence on the subordinate bodies of the human being: his emotional body, his physical body. Nevertheless, it is often necessary to set direct healing impulses in these two bodies as well. (For this reason there is also a doctor in the team of therapists at the healing weekends, for example). If a disease process has penetrated deep into the physical body of the person, it must also be addressed there. Cancer is not only healed on the spiritual level, but also not on the physical level alone."

The healing work is done at night with a follow-up session the following day. Work is done with each participant individually or in small groups. The number of participants is limited to 20. Individual english translation can be provided.

For further information and booking please contact Martina at the Enneallionce- School of the Fourth Way

Tel.: +49- (0)38424-22 97 37



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