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How Can I love?

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We believe in the possibility that the "I" could learn how to love.

It can't.

The "I" cannot love, it is Love itself that remains when the "I" gets out of the way and stops loving and hating. Love is no emotion and love is no feeling either. If it were, we would really have a hard time, because life is not the same as feeling. Because life is not feeling; feelings are just one phenomenon of life, among a countless number of other phenomena. And also because true love always is. It doesn't come and it doesn't go. Emptiness is love and abundance is love, too. You realize this when you stop comparing, and when you are ready to surrender. As long as you try to act out of love, you never act out of love because this effort is just an artificial product of you memory. The thinking mind cannot and will never understand what love really is. Every understanding of love as such, is already a limitation.

What does it mean for instance to be loving? When I ask this question to your mind, it will immediately have ready preconceptions, virtuous preconceptions, holy preconceptions of what it means to be loving. This is acquired love of which you have been taught by your parents, by priests, by teachers, from the past, from history. Stop this. Let love have its own flow and its own unknown expression. The mind cannot know what it means to be loving. Love can have ways of expression that are far beyond your imagination. Every preconception of love limits love. But love knows no limits. Love is. That is all. Love is what remains when being has been realized. Grace is the power that dwells in the depth of our own hearts and makes us realize love.

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