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Radio Interview with OM - The Mystical Positivist in 2022

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Here you can listen to the second podcast with OM - held in September 2022

This time the focus is on the upcoming visit of OM to the Western US in October.

You are also introduced to the book Intelligence of Awakening - Navigating the Wisdom Path, which is a teaching and study book on the major pillars of the inner path. It describes in detail the concept of the mind (what is the mind?) and how transformation of the ego mind occurs. Second it lays out the concept of suffering. Third it lays out the inner path itself.
The interview also touches on the theme of digitalisation and the vital question, whether spiritual teachings can be transmitted digitally. Later the distinction between Inner and outer silence is made. It is an important understanding that the mind can hide even in silence. Towards the end OM speaks about the nature of Darshan - which basically means "Seeing of God - seeing beyond what we call the world. This seeing in silence is Darshan. It includes words, and it includes silence."

The Mystical Positivist, a podcast radio situated in California US, with hosts Stuart Goodnick and Dr. Robert Schmidt, is dedicated to the application of reason in the pursuit of spiritual practice and development. It consists of commentary, book reviews, interviews, and discussion in and around the local and larger spiritual community. The thesis of the show is that rationality is in no way the antithesis of deep mystical experience, in fact, we assert that it is a necessary ally.

This is the second interview held with OM. The first one was held on November 30th, 2019
You can listen to this interview HERE


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