The Path of the Heart - Insights into Mature Discipleship

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This new format replaces the cancelled conference on the same topic. 

„In the heart of an adult there is a law laid down by the child. There is a child laying down the law into the heart of an adult. Take a look at what children are like: they will teach you a lot about yourselves, as you are today. But, of course, it is below man's dignity to remain a child. “
Arnaud Desjardins

When we call a human being “mature” – what do we exactly mean?

How can we develop a mature state of being? And why is this an essential requirement for a spiritual path and the encounter with the true teacher?

This gathering addresses these questions and illuminates the essential importance of an adult attitude within us as a foundation for the inner path. Taking steps into adult humanity requires us to give up childish, immature points of view in order to mature into an inner human being who loves the truth and is thus ready to receive spiritual teachings wholeheartedly.

What kind of obstacles do we face on the inner path? What support do we need and what nourishes us?

From their perspectives, Mary Angelon Young and OM C. Parkin will shed light on the obstacles we encounter on this path and what supports and nourishes us as we mature. In addition to the speakers' contributions, there will be space for dialogue, exchange and togetherness in the modern monastery Gut Saunstorf. Welcome are people who see themselves on an inner path or are interested in it.

Mary Angelon Young talks about her own discipleship and intense being with a Guru and gives insights into the path of the Bauls (wandering monks whose philosophy is that the divine is not to be found in the beyond, but in being human itself). She introduces participants to a mature perspective of discipleship on the inner path, characterised by a fire for spiritual practice in daily life. Her own experience on the spiritual path has taught her that we need to give up childish addictions in order to follow the Truth that truly liberates us.

Mary Angelon Young will share her contribution online due to difficult travel conditions from the USA.

On Sunday, in the spiritual Master OM C. Parkin illuminates the concept of conscious discipleship as an adult state of maturity of the inner disciple, which is, as it were, a prerequisite for a fruitful disciple-teacher relationship on the path of knowledge. He divides this relationship into 3 phases or 3 stages of development: "The first two phases are determined by the child-pupil reacting to his own projected father or mother images. Only in the third and last phase, which many aspiring students do not even reach, does the spiritual teacher come into play. It is through him that the guru principle operates, an impersonal spiritual principle that is largely unknown in our culture to this day and has not been recognised, let alone appreciated, either by the Church as the guardian of our spiritual culture, or by the Enlightenment."


What awaits you:

mary angelon

Mary Angelon Young

Mary Angelon Young has been practicing and studying the Western Baul Path since 1987 as a direct disciple of her Guru Lee Lozowick. In the last three decades she has travelled extensively throughout India, Europe and North America and has published more than ten books on spiritual memories, one of which is a biography of Yogi Ramsuratkumar (2002). Her workshops in the USA and Europe offer a direct experience of writing and singing as a doorway to self-knowledge.  As a mother and grandmother, Mary lives with her husband Thomas Raffaele Young at Triveni Ashram in the high desert mountains of Arizona.


OM C. Parkin

OM C. Parkin

Philosopher and spiritual teacher of wisdom, communicates timeless knowledge, independent of culture and religion, which gives people a universal teaching, which we regard as the highest and understand as the last teachings of mankind: the teaching of advaita. He accompanies people on their path to the essential core of their being and teaches how to discover and listen to the inner teacher.


This event is bilingual (German/English) or, in the case of Mary Angelon Young, with German translation on request.

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